Reviewing A Friend’s Blog

My French exchange’s A theory…

My French exchange (Lisa)ooooooooo thinks that Charles DiLaurentis is A, and that he is Jason’s twin because in the latest Big A Reveal Alison’s mother is holding hands with two little boys with the same hair and the same size (implying that their twins). This causes a problem because this means that Jason may not be related to Spencer. She also thinks that Charles may have psychological problems which could be the reason behind his need for revenge  after living in the shadow of Jason.

However, Lisa also thinks that it could be Andrew because he had problems with Mona. Mona was always better than Andrew in school so he may feel desperate for her to be killed. Furthermore, Andrew knew that Mike was going to the woods and when he was attacked it was with a bow and arrow. Andrew had a certificate in archery.



One Direction  have just released a sneak peak of they’re new single today! Personally I think this their best single yet! It has more of an R&B-y feel to it. A while back Liam tweeted ‘for all those people who have been giving us stick for the past two years, this album is going to low your mind!’. I am very happy to say, that he was not wrong!

Also, Directioners all over the world have been fangirling more than ever! Liam posted a nude picture of himself on a boat with the caption ‘Damn those were my last pair!’ but of coursed ‘blurred himself out’. But Directioners have trended world wide #UNCENSORITLIAM. The computer wizards of the 1D fandom have even un-blurred it so they can see the full picture!

Boy Band Headlines #37

wwa tour
One Direction have now released a behind the scene’s trailer for their new fragrance You and I. The scent is a bit sweeter than Our Moment and dare I say more grown up. Also an extra treat for 1D fans, they are releasing, I’m just praying that I’m not in because all I did through the WWA Tour was cry… Also today has been exactly 4 years since One Direction. Excuse me whilst I cry…